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Call compare, I beat any certified shop price! It's not what you know it's who you know.
Cash/debit cards, no checks, financing on approved credit.

When your car is not running as it should, my knowledgeable automotive team diagnose and make expert repairs to return your car to its original condition. From a good deal on tires to your engine tune-up, from your tail light to your gas gauge, I fix it all, I guarantee it!

Small Machine
All small motors too! I fix any electric/gas motor from chainsaw, weedwacker, lawn mower, etc. ,etc. snowmobiles & snow blowers to boats outboard engines. When you need anything welded or fabricated, I come to you!

Researching the problem to verify the exact cause, diagnose fee is credited to the repair cost, you are free to decide if you want to proceed with the repair.

Detailing to a full restoration auto body and paint upholstery tinting windows.

Hidden device tracks (thief can't see to know exists) and video camera fits on your dash. You know 24/7 who's driving your car when and where, receive email alerts, watch video and audio from your smartdevice. If stolen, simply track the thief and call the police say good video convicts! Records video & audio just like a cop car dash video. Each tracker is fabricated and fitted special for your vehicle needs.

Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, maintenance service includes changing out batteries, replacing lights, check fluids and wiper blades. Complex auto repair does not have to be a hassle when you have efficient solutions.

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Stay on the road I FIX 24/7 roadside service, Cheap Tow CALL/TEXT 206-664-1945

Makes you the expert, you know before you buy! Certified Inspection, know everything wrong before you pay, if something is wrong you should get a credit discount from purchase price.

Buy & Sell with owners, when you buy from the owner you're cutting out the middleman brokers overhead need to charge you. Sell retail direct to other owners getting a real time discount verses brokers paying you a lesser wholesale price. Buy low sell high! When you want to buy or sell, call me I will either find it or buy it for you!
Video GUARANTEES WORK! Get it on film you know it's perfect. And video helps others learn, FREE YouTube instruction how-to-do repair yourself, if not we can replay the video to see what to correct to guarantee perfection. NEW Virtual Real TV show production is guaranteed smart satisfaction.

WANTED Spokane Mobile Mechanic
I got jobs you do the work.
Paid cash per completed job.

You must have experience/tools with references
$15-$30 hr plus bonuses
Must have own tools!

My pending projects:
Ready to repair today.
To apply you must diagnose.
My 1-2-3 diagnose, what's yours?
1. Aerostar 1994 - gutless & manifold leak?
2. Dodge Maxivan 1998 no heat and dead battery?
3. Ford Explorer 1996 Head gasket leak & door handles?
CALL Jimmy, tell me what you like and do best! 206-664-1945
NEW! VirtualRealTV Show
Repair - Restore - Detailing
I come to you! SAVE 50% half shop rates. "Detailed Mobile Maintenance"
All Repairs - Detailing Sparkling Clean - All maintenance including tires.
• Auto Sparkling Clean Detailing
• Body and paint
• Brakes
• Cooling system
• CV axles
• Diagnostics
• Electrical
• Engine replacement
• Head gasket repair
• Fluid changes
• Front and rear differential repair
• Heater cores
• Obd1 and 2 scanning
• Pressure washing
• Radiator flush
• Rotors
• Sandblasting
• Timing belt
• Transmission repair
• Tune-up
• Used car buyer inspection
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